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PSS-INLIS Maintenance

26 Feb (Thur)
7pm to 9pm

All the products in INLIS with the exception of ePI will not be available for purchase during this period.

We regret the inconvenience caused.


Important Notice for InteReq Subscribers

(i) New! Consolidation of Fee Structure/InteReq Price Revisions

The processing fee will be revised from $1.50 to $3.50 per legal requisition per government agency with effect from 1 February 2015. The transmission fee will be removed to provide user a more simpler and clearer billing invoice. For more information, please click here.

(ii) Online Password Reset Feature Now Available for Users

Users will be able to reset their password instantly with effect from 31 December 2014.
If you are resetting the password for the first time, you will be required to complete the security Q&A and register your e-mail address if you have not done so previously.
To guide you with the set-up, please click here.
To reset password online, please click here.

User-friendly Enhancements for InteReq

New enhancements and features will be rolled out on 18 October 2014 to enhance the overall user experience and offer greater time savings to InteReq users. Some key enhancements include auto-population of postal address when the postal address is entered and daily e-mail notification to provide a consolidated summary of replies from agencies. To read more, click here.


With immediate effect, no refund requests will be entertained for completed transaction under the current PSS-INLIS arrangement between Crimsonlogic and Singapore Land Authority. To avoid making more than 1 similar search, please DO NOT do a fresh search immediately if you encounter difficulties completing your transaction.

Please report the incident within 7 days to PSS-INLIS Helpdesk at (65) 6887 7888.
Click here for more information.

Integrated Legal Requisition System

Intereq is designed to speed up the process of conveyancing transactions. With Intereq, lawyers can now send legal requisitions to relevant government agencies via the internet, and receive replies from them.

Fast, easy and convenient, Intereq is every lawyer's preferred choice.

Government Agencies

Legal Requisition can be sent to any of the following Government Ministries and statutory boards:

  • Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore
  • Land Transport Authority - Rapid Transit System
  • Land Transport Authority - Street Works
  • National Environment Agency - Environmental Health Department
  • National Environment Agency - Central Building Plan Department
  • Public Utilities Board - Water Reclamation (Network) Department
  • Building and Construction Authority
  • Urban Redevelopment Authority
Integrated Land Information Service
  • Property Ownership Information
  • Property Title Information
  • Property Title Information - Estate and Land
  • Description
  • Property Title Information - Encumbrances Information
  • Property Title Information with Cadastral Map
  • Land Information - Lot Particulars
  • Land Information - Lot History
  • Caveat Index Information
  • Historical Information
  • Distance between Primary School and Property

    Please Note: This product has been removed from INLIS. You can now use an improved version at OneMap. Click here to access OneMap.

  • List of Primary Schools Near Property

    Please Note: This product has been removed from INLIS. You can now use an improved version at OneMap. Click here to access OneMap.

  • Encroachment Boundary Plan
  • Image of HDB Leases
  • Image of HDB Instruments
  • Image of Private Property Instruments
  • Image of Index to Land Books
  • Image of Index to Caveat Books
  • Image of Private Property Deeds
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